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Old 09-17-2007, 05:25 AM
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Default My Wish List ...


My wish list is to have a fun-2-play with Altair/IMSAI comptuer.

For starters the hardware I want is:
1x: 88-ACR - Cassette Tape Interface Card
1+: 88-PMC - 1k ROM card
1x: SuperAltair Card - 64k RAM, 512k FLASH, Disk drive emulator, ADM3 emulator
. . . . . . (VGA/NTSC/PAL and PS2), Ethernet, MP3, and more!
1x: External CompactFlash Card Drive
1x: PS/2 Keyboard Adapter

Then I want the PROMs stuff with usefull Utilities and a few simple programs;
Simple Terminal Program with a Master Menu:
1 Cassette Loader
2 PROM Loader
3 CF Loader
4 Music Program w/Cassette or PROM or CF Data Loader
5 StarTrek-80
6 etc...

I'm sure other people can add to the PROM program list and is why I think having a few K of PROMs will make playing with an Altair/IMSAI much easier and more fun.

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