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Old 10-11-2007, 10:13 PM
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Default Netherlands + IC99

Meanwhile the kit arrived in the Netherlands. It really looks great. A job well done, Grant. [Actually, it was there already last Tuesday but it had to fight its way through Customs.]

I studied the LOGIC SCHEMATICS in detail and found that IC99 is not used anywhere. The diagrams I downloaded before (sheet 01) said "CORRECTED 9-20-72". IC99 is also not attached to anything at all on the PCB. I assume it was there in an earlier design but John changed it.

Could that be the reason it runs hot (190 F) as Grant noticed (page 28)? I think it is possible to take out IC99 without changing anything whatsoever. Of course I will try that once I assembled everything, but perhaps you guys can already check that.
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