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Old 09-12-2009, 02:58 PM
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Default Any possibility to have the Gerber files and a part list ?


I sent a e-mail to Grant yesterday asking exactly the same things I'm going to ask here, but figured I'd have more chance to reach him here.

So, this post is to ask if it's possible to send me the gerber files for the PCBs as well as a part list and, maybe, one of your manuals. (PDF format is better, but I can buy a paper one if you really want.)

The reason behind this is that I am a student and can't afford a 1k+ kit on one time.
I'm willing to build an Altair 8800 reproduction as a study project. (And, later, show it to my class for learning purpose.)
What I plan to do is to build the Altair piece by piece, to minimize expensive costs on a short period of time.
The problem is, considering that I don't have original Altair PCBs under the hand, I can't rebuild them from scratch. And there comes my little request.
Obviously, I won't sell any kit to anyone, if that concerns you (Firstly, I don't have the budget to maintain a kit-selling activity and I don't have the time.)

Also, beside the gerber files, could you send me a part list and, maybe, the PDFs for your color manual ? (I can buy the manual on paper, if you want, or even the electronic version.)

Thank you,
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