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Old 10-04-2008, 09:13 PM
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Default Help, Building Gr104c Heathkit Tv, Manual Fell Apart!!!

does anyone know where I can find an assembly manual for the GR104C

heathkit tv (B& W)?

The manual fell completely apart.

Thanks in ADVANCE for your help,

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Old 10-13-2008, 03:42 AM
Cappellanus Cappellanus is offline
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Default GR104C Manual? You gotta be kidding...

Okay, now all of us vintage electronics nuts are looking pretty sane. You're actually trying to build a GR104C Healthkit Television? I can't even imagine why someone would do that.

But motives aside, did you try googling it yet?

A great full-color copy of the GR104 (without the C) manual dated 11/11/66 is here. It's 67 Megabytes, and a slow connection, but excellent quality.

The associated schematic, less than 1 megabyte, is here (also 11/11/66)

You can download the files for free, or the guy who runs the web site will sell you the original, for about $2.50, but it's disassembled.

If you're really a stickler for the GR-104C, you can't get it online, but this guy has it for sale...

That guy has the manual for the 104, the 104B, and the 104C for $36 to $41 dollars.

This guy has the manual for $20, or a photocopy for $12.

There are many other web sites that sell the 104C manual, search for GR-104C and GR104C and healthkit, and various versions of this on google. You'll get lots of hits, and lots of different prices.

But I would expect you've likely already googled it. Were you hoping someone had an original manual sitting around for free? I saw a picture of this kit. Looks overwhelming.
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