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Old 07-26-2009, 10:33 AM
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Default 2sio

I just sent the board back to Geoff to convert back to RS-232. I gave up on TTY simply because if my Teletype breaks down, I won't be replacing it and will need port 0 to be usable by more modern terminals. I have an RS-232 to Current Loop converter I can use to drive my Teletype for now. Also, I'm bidding on an SIO-C TTY board on eBay so if I get that, I can use that along with the 2SIO.

Any idea about how long it'll be before you can ship the ACR cassette board pair to Geoff for assembling?

Another thing: I have a 64K static RAM board which seems to be working fine so you don't have to bother sending that 64K board you said you'd throw in the deal.

Would you have and spare 10-pin female Molex connectors (and metal inserts) I could buy? If not, what's the Molex part number and where do you get them?

Thanks for your time.
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