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I had to send back all production 19 Kenbak-1 and 19 Altair 680 front panels because they were not good enough.

I was promised their return for quite a while! I finally received them this Tuesday. The Kenbak-1 panels will be mailed out for a signature Monday next week.

All the while I have been VERY busy with my real job. I am going to be sending the mailing address and collecting checks next week for the kits.

It has been a lot longer than I had ever planned. I wanted to be ordering another 20 Altair 8800 cases by now! It takes about 4-5 weeks to get the cases and I don't want to place the order until I have cash in hand.

I have been trying to update the website too. When I took the last set of pictures I couldn't open up the case because one of the screws was stripped and I was short on time. I've got pictures of the inside and completed logic board now. I will try to get that done this weekend.

I hope you all understand and aren't getting too upset!
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