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Originally Posted by phe View Post
Thanks. I see now what needs to be done. Page 14 of the altair guide is very important because it tell you things like the number of the unlabled pad. I wish I had followed the altair direction and soldering in all the wired with long lenghts and taped labels on the other end as it would have been easier.
I did it one wire at a time with the boards bolted into the unit. Cut them to length as I went. I didn't find this too hard. How are you doing it?

Originally Posted by phe View Post
One suggestion for future kit assemblers: get a pad of paper and list the hold number top to bottom along the side and left to right along the top. That would make it a lot easier.
I could provide a 1:1 scale image like what you describe in the manual too. Or as an insert that people can cut out.

Would it help you RIGHT now to have that? I hope its not too late!

See the zip file below for a 300 dpi image of the back of the board with the silkscreen numbering for the wire holes in the image. I hope it helps!

Feel free to request ANYTHING that will help you out...

At least download it and let me know if it WOULD have helped if you're done.

If you don't have a printer big enough you can clip the image into two pieces and print each piece.
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