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Originally Posted by phe View Post
I'm getting close! I have the expansion and display boards in the chassis. I'm not ready to run the wires. I've numbered the holes on the expansion board. I have a few questions:

1. How do you know which hole in the display board is which? Did you folks who have done this take out the display board?
2. Are the holes on the display board numbered? It seems there are more holes on the expansion board than are on the display board. Are all the holes used?

I'd appreciate any help anyone can provide for this crucial step. Thanks.

1. Look on the front of the PCB, there are numbers by each hole.
2. Yes, there are more holes on the expansion board than the display board. There are TWO holes on the display board for the same signal. (The manual mentions this). There is also one unnumbered hole.

Since you have an early version of the kit I'm not sure you have the latest color guide manual. I'll upload it for you right now.
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