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Originally Posted by phe View Post
1. How do you know which hole in the display board is which? Did you folks who have done this take out the display board?
2. Are the holes on the display board numbered? It seems there are more holes on the expansion board than are on the display board. Are all the holes used?
I left the display board in place to make sure the wires were neat and all the right length. The holes on the display board are numbered on the front, you have to peek down between the board and the frame. You can also see the numbers on some of the pictures in the assembly manual. Make the wires only long enough to reach from one board to the other, not 3 feet long as the Altair manual suggests, and remember the notes about the unmarked pad 53 and the duplicated pad 46 mentioned on pages 14 and 14a

Some of the holes on the expansion card are not connected to the display board, they are there so that you can connect two expansion boards together.

Hang in there.

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