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Default Altair 8800 Kits Shipping

I just sent out the invoices for the people currently ON the waiting list. I also have many requests from people not currently on the waiting list, and I will get to those as soon as the people currently on the list have been taken care of.

Other requests for things like PCB/manual only kits will also be taken care of after the current list has been taken care of.

It came down to 18 reservations for 22 cases, so if 100% of the kits reserved for are sold, then there will be 4 left. If some decide not to buy, more spaces will open up.

The kits are ready to ship upon receipt of the check/money order, or if absolutely necessary...PayPal.

4 kits have shipped so far!

Sorry for this latest delay...I programmed the direction on a robot at work incorrectly and it dove off the end of a pipe.
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