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I'm not sure what all was originally in the box as I got it second hand - serial number 5, I believe. The guy my wife bought it from did offer to buy sockets when I asked him about the shortage. But since I wanted the gold Mill-Max variety anyway, it was less of a hassle to buy my own from DigiKey.

I had parts left over too; 2 IC chips, some resistors, lots of mounting hardware... I'll just put them in the bin for when I build the Altair 8080. :-)

Yes, I have an oscilloscope. What should I check?

I was toying with the idea of making my own ROM (to replace the MONITOR) that simply had 00,00 at the FFFE and FFFF locations. I'm thinking that will force the computer to jump to the bottom of the RAM on a reset and start executing from there. That way I can toggle in simple OP codes and check the outputs on the LED's (kind of like the COSMAC ELF or Altair 8080). I'm hoping that will let me know if the processor is running away or not. Since nothing comes out the RS-232, I'm flying blind...

I await your advice...


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