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On 2006-01-05, Daniel Pitts <> wrote:
> logjam wrote:
>> I should be able to display a NICE terminal font on the display, 9 rows
>> - 22 characters per row. Using a TINY font like those little store
>> signs and I should be able to fit 14x36, which is barely big enough for
>> lynx, wouldn't that be fun to see? Browse the web in green LEDs...
> I'm picturing a '70s scifi where they had an extra large green CRT,
> complete with burnin :-)

one of the X windows screen savers emulates pong on a TV complete with
low level snow, slow phosphor, gaps between the scan lines and loss of
sync near the bottom, of the screen.

> If you put in a PCM driver to control intensity, you can do some truely
> interesting effects.
> Think plasma.

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