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logjam wrote:
> A while back on ebay I was just looking around and came upon 50,000
> LEDs.
> Ebay is a dangerous place, I can understand how women go to the store
> and spend $800 window shoping.
> $300 later and I have 50,000 LEDs in the mail
> Anyway, I gave away around 1,500 to friends. I still have MANY of them
> left.
> I thought a "fun" project would be to create a "Wall of RAM". Now it
> would be fairly easy to emulate the ram and display the results on the
> wall using a CPLD, but what about actually making real ram?
> Does anyone think its possible to use capacitors and high current
> drivers to use the LED+capacitor combination as ram?
> The goal of the project would be a wall of cards, say 4k of ram max.
> This wall of ram would interface to either the Altair that I bought OR
> the Apple 1 kit that I bought on ebay.
> What do you guys think? It seems that with some RAS/CAS decoding logic
> that it shouldn't be too hard. The cons of this project are the cost
> of 4,096 capacitors and PCBs. The pros of the project are, well, it
> would look really neat.
> Tell me what you think.
> Grant

If they ain't BLUE LED's then don't bother, any other colour will look
lame! :->

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