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I'm in Anchorage Alaska.

Another benefit of the RamWall is getting your room to look like part
of a borg space ship!

I had the 30x27 grid done, but then I remembered about a project I did
back in high school. I made a 8x11 character display that was big
enough to handle nice fonts. So to make the board more usable, I
changed it to a 30x33 grid. Then I decided that someone might only
want one row of characters not 3, so I designed the board so that it
could easily be cut into 3 pieces and reconfigured in any way desired.

The circuit board ended up being 12x13.2. a 30x33 grid cost the same
as 30x27, but it did take an extra 7,000 or so LEDs to fill in the new
space. There are 990 LEDs per circuit board and 18 circuit boards in
my display.

I should be able to display a NICE terminal font on the display, 9 rows
- 22 characters per row. Using a TINY font like those little store
signs and I should be able to fit 14x36, which is barely big enough for
lynx, wouldn't that be fun to see? Browse the web in green LEDs...

Here is one of the 3 rows:

Here are all 3 rows:

The new finished dimensions are:
72 inches wide
40 inches tall

What do you think now? Too late to change my mind, the PCBs are
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