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Talking Acr

Hi Tom;
As I have never gotten my ACR to work, It is the blind leading the blind, but, what I would suggest IS get a couple of wire Jumpers that you have or from Radio Shack, and see if this helps -- IC H pin 8 is the output look at it with a 'Scope' if you have one, and compare it to your output from the 'plug in' , where you attach you cassette. (Also check your 'plugs' for corrossion). then you can try this, as I am not an engineer, and it looks like there is a filter made up of R51 and C22, I would leave these alone, so that leaves R 50 and R36, I would jump R36 first and see if it helps, otherwise I would take two jumpers and put in parrellel with R 50 another Resistor to lower its value and see if that helps, R 50 may be a part of the filter, so I wouldn't fool around with it unless I had to.... on R 50 you could put in parrellel another 220K ohm resistor.. and see what it does.....
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