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Default Got a REV0 Altair 8800 yesterday

This is a kit that I've wanted for a while and finally the pieces came together and I was able to get this fine working machine. It is a rev 0 (sold as a kit) with the 1K RAM card only populated with 256 bytes and the white 8080.

I've tested the front panel and everything appears to work great and the case is in really good condition. The only small flaw is the front name plate is starting to peal the plastic coating off of it just slightly in the left corner. The slot board only has 2 slots occupied and so I'm stuck with only being able to use 2 slot since I don't want to change the history of the boards.

I may make a custom 32 or 64K RAM board with the SIO built on so I can run basic, has anybody already done this?

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