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Default Up and Running

Well, got it running last night. Have not completed the back panel yet, or tried the terminal interface. But the main board and control board are in and I put power to the mainboard. Seems to be operating OK. Am able to observe memory locations and deposit new data. Will try a simple program tonight.

I do have one concern though that may or may not be normal. When I initially power up the mainboard, all the leds come on for a bit. Then they begin to correctly reflect the memory location and data. But the panel does not become stable for about 10-30 seconds. So to re-cap, upon power up, all leds light up for about 5-10 seconds. Then the leds operate correctly, with a few (seemingly random) flashes of all leds on. Then it becomes rock stable after 10-30seconds. I notice that the effect is more dramatic if the computer has been sitting off for a while vs. turning it off and on.

I'm no expert, but it feels to me that this is either, normal cpu cylcing, or voltages becoming stable/capacitors charging. It does not feel like an intermittent connection because it doesn't last more that 30 seconds max.

Any thoughts?

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