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I'm glad you approve. I really didn't want to step on your toes. I had hoped that my project was 'different' enough to avoid conflict.

1) Yes, I'm not certain how all the lights properly behave. The manual helped quite a bit, as did the demo video online. I've made the change. If you notice any other problems, please let me know!

2) For very good reasons, javascript isn't allowed access to the local file system. I could get around it with a tiny java applet, but it would only work if you ran the program locally. If I get around to writing an assembler this won't be a major problem.

In the mean time, I've written two small programs bin2oct.exe and oct2bin.exe (download them here)

As an example, running bin2oct kenbakd1.ram > kenbakd1.txt from the command line produces a text file that you can copy/paste into the loader. Copy/paste the text from the memory viewer into a file and run oct2bin to produce a binary.

If anyone wants the C source, or a Linux (i386) binary, let me know and I'll upload them.
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