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Default Wow!!! Cool emulator....

Ah, I think I figured out the image part.

Kenbak1_base.jpg has the background of the machine, and this is the part that could have the extruded handles added, but the existing jpg doesn't have enough extra room on the sides to add it. I guess if extruded handles were added, all the pixel locations of other buttons and lights would have to be shifted over, in fact, maybe even windows would have to be widened.

The white lights look a bit "fake" especially where the lights are yellow. I can imagine making on-lights a bit more "glowing" by a graduated brightness function, which makes even the surrounding front panel show a little bit of a bright halo. Ah, I see where you handled the button press... just one pixel?

As someone who's been trying to learn Java, this looks like great code. I wish I had a holiday weekend to play with this, even add in an assembler, but with my job, I tend to work more around holidays than during regular year.

Keep up the great work!!! This is great fun to play with! I need more time to play with this...

Oh, and do you have a Kenbak-1?

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