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The emulator is now all done, The biggest difference is that memory is now displayed in Octal instead of Hexadecimal. See readme for other details.

Any comments?


I'm working on a Kenbak emulator written in x86 ASM... I have gotten most of it done, all the programs I've tested on it run perfect. The only problem is that it's either too fast or too slow (on a new computer at least). I think the speed will be most accurate when run without speed-regulation on a Ca. 100MHz processor (guessing).

Escape = Quit
+ = Faster clock speed
- = Slower clock speed
Enter = Restore clock speed to default (If enter is pressed and then + is pressed, the emulator goes to unregulated-speed mode. press - or enter to get back into speed regulation mode.).
Backspace = Display/hide memory-dump output (in hexadecimal, octal does take too much space)
F1 - F10 = Load State 1-10
Shift + F1 - F10 = Save State 1-10
L = Set bit 0
K = Set bit 1
J = Set bit 2
H = Set bit 3
G = Set bit 4
F = Set bit 5
D = Set bit 6
S = Set bit 7
X = Clear Input
C = Display adress
V = Set adress
B = Read data
N = Store data
M = Start
< (or "," on some Europeian KB's)= Stop
> (or "." on some Europeian KB's)= Single-Step (as for BIOS Int 16h doesn't return the scancode for more than 1 key at a time)
Space = Memory lock/unlock toggle

A test program is saved on state 1
1. The test prog from the ProgRef

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