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Default For sale: SWTPC 6800 systems (running)

For Sale:

System 1: SWTPC 6800 with MP-B motherboard, MP-A CPU card, MP-M memory (as original, 1/2 populated!), MP-C serial I/O, MP-P power supply and cabinet, with black anodized trim peices. With MIKBUG monitor. Boots, runs. this is about as close to 'original' as you can get; no modifications.

System 2: SWTPC 6800/2 with MP-B2 motherboard, MP-A2 CPU card, MP-8M 8k RAM card, MP-S serial I/O card (ACIA), MP-P power supply and cabinet (with 'D' punch-outs), but missing aluminum trim peices (easily reproducable via hardware store Al angle stock). With SWTBUG monitor. Boots, runs. No modifications.

With copies (from SWTPC website) of manuals (or you can down-load and print).

Other boards also available, including DC-1 (original diskette controller), memory boards, MP-L parallel I/O, etc.

Prefer trade for an Altair 680B system <hint-hint>.

Can send pictures on request.


-Matt (w-zero-x-e-u at arrl dot net)
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