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I used to do failure analysis on semi conductor memories which were starting to be made of plastic/epoxy with glass rods about 20 years ago.

I have some technics and possible help but its too much to write. Basically you drill a small hole about 0.1" deep then heat the IC on a hot plate and then you drop your acid to remove the plastic. I dont know chemistry, I'm and Electronics Technician. I did this work with a meterial sicentist, my mentor.

We used fumming sulfuric acid and fuimg nitric acid, also some type of organic pink and blue solutions to stop some of the acids etching effect.

The company back then was Burroughs Corp. today is Unysis.

I presently work for the U S Department of Energy in New York City. My phone number is 212 6203650, I'll be happy to walk through some ideas and things I learned.

Peter Roiz
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