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Cool Trying to buy/acquire Altair 8800 kit...

I emailed, and it bounced. I am interested in buying an Altair 8800 kit, (or perhaps an Altair 680?) and see no mention of price/ ship dates. Is Grant still around? Obviously, the web site is still up.. Hope he is still making this product.
By the way, I am a new member to the Forum; but an old '8800 fan.
These days (retired), still in school and now learning web design!
I've wrote a lot of of Intel 8080 software back in the '70's, including drivers for the old 900k floppy drive for the old NorthStar Horizon- that was nine times what the Shugart 5.25" floppy drives would hold!
Also writing assembly language for the Atmel 8-bit microprocessors (like the ATMEGA128). Am mostly done with a BASIC interpreter. Have finished the 32-bit floating point package and trig functions, plus full screen editor. Perhaps I will finish the FAT16 file system (in assembly, also) before too long. These will not run directly on an Altair, obviously. Just having fun, and keeping the brain oiled up. "Computer- evaluate minus e raised to the i pi!"
Another fun thing to play with is the Arduino, which programs muchly like the 'C' language. So I built some temperature/humidity servers for my wood shop (I make musical instruments, at times), so now I can see what's going on in the middle of Winter, without putting on my coat and going outside! I just connect on my intranet, and there is the data.

Pleased to meet Ya'll!
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