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The 10 M3 counter sink screws were replaced by pan head screws. The packing list must not have been updated.

It does look like one of the parts on the BOM was written wrong. The 22p capacitor should have been listed as 220J, not 221J.

100J is the correct way to specify 10pf. They must have not had space to write all of the zeros. The capacitor code is two significant digits followed by the number of zeros.

You have gone through all of the screws 6-32s? Those are the ones that hold the motherboard down. I checked everything off the list as I packed the parts. I don't know how I could have missed those parts on yours. I'll check with the other people who have received theirs to make sure they have them. Those screws should fit in an envelope, so if anyone is missing them please let me know!

Thanks for the comments. I'll update the text on the diodes and capacitor to make it easier to understand.
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