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Talking scope

Basically there is two answers, both yes and no.... On the CPU and on the Buss , there are relatively High Voltages + _ 12 volt and on the buss + - 18 volt, and by accident or poking around , you short one of these to something else , then you you could Damage or even Blow something up (like the Cpu Ic, or some other 5 volt ic.) But, in all other cases where the voltages are the same like two ajoining data lines or two address lines or even a data and an address line, then no, it might lock things up and you would have to turn off the computer to restart it, but most of the time just hitting reset will work... You could look at almost any data line or any address line or even your clock lines and see what they look like. (on the Cpu the clock lines are 12 volt, so be carefull !!!,,, your are better to check these on the 7406).....
THANK you Marty
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