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Default Paper Tape Testers Wanted (Free software!)

I'm in the process of creating real punched tapes of Altair software. I'm starting with 4K BASIC since I figure why waste time and paper tape on 12K BASIC if the process doesn't even work properly. I can't try them myself since I don't have my Altair replica yet (C'mon, Grant! I'm dyin' over here!) If you have an Altair (real or replica) and a paper tape reader and would be willing to test the software, I'd be grateful and I'm sure others on this board would appreciate it, too. There's absolutely no cost involved. Just email me the address to which you'd like it sent and I'll mail it to you as soon as it's ready. I will never contact you for any other reason. The only thing I ask is that you post your results on the Forum so we can all benefit by your experience. Once the 4K test is successful, I'll be producing 8K and 12K tapes as well but I'll need to charge postage for the general public. The actual tapes will still be free.
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