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I e-mailed you the source code and a fixed include file. Please let me know if you didn't get it. Its a tar.gz file so I doubt a virus scanner would reject it.

Also, let me know how it compiles for you. Its going to be exciting to create a library of KENBAK-1 programs!

A project on the back burner is a RS-232 device which could automate button pushing. For example, it could load an intel hex file into the kenbak, or read the kenbak memory image out.

Since the "PC" and registers are regular RAM locations the state of the KENBAK could be preserved without power to the KENBAK.

The project I'm planning on would use a single ATMEGA8-16PC, the RS-232 level converter, and a few capacitors. It will be open source. All of those parts should be easy to get where you live.

Unless you want the pretty PCB then you could just build it yourself.

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