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Hi Tor,

Thanks for your reply!!!

Yes, I also found Grant's message from back on 6-8-2012 about re-starting sales. I have now sent him an e-mail message. I certainly hope that he answers, one way or another.

In the meantime, I am wading through all the SPAM messages here, trying to glean any information about the Altair 680 kit from before. I am especially interested to see any of the troubles that folks might have encountered, and how they addressed them. Of course, I am assuming that there once was a community here and folks were actually interacting about things like that.

Since you have been in touch with Grant, do you know if he intends to go on and create any of the accessories for the Altair 680 that he lists on the Altair 680 Kit web site? Just asking - since I see you are in line for an Altair 8800, you may not be paying too much attention to the '680.

Well, I really, really hope that one of those 8 '680s are still available, and that Grant is actually willing to sell it. Here's hoping for a good outcome for both of us!

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