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Originally Posted by elchucko View Post
You probably will not hear back from anyone regarding Altair 8800 kits. Either they are no longer available or the folks who offered to sell "a few left" or planned to make more kits no longer have an interest in doing so. I've found a couple of variations of the Altair 8800. One is someone (do a google on Altair) who offers a version that has the front panel copied just like the original Altair 8800 but interfaced with a PC that emulates the Altair. A new source is an emulated Altair 8800 (called the micro Altair 8800) by Briel computers. As I understand it the micro has a small foot print, the front panel is laid out and switch functions are the same as an Altair 8800, uses a motherboard that is not S100 capable, has PS2, VGA ports, an SD card interface, has its own Basic, etc. There may be a 3rd kit source that is a copy of the original kit (I've heard) but I'm unable to locate the source.
Thanks for the quick and useful reply

For the second source, by emulator do you mean it needs to connect to a PC to work, or can you use it standalone as the original, and the VGA ports and such are just optional extras if you wish to have a display or any addon cards?

I'm looking at the briel website now and the apple i looks like a very tempting kit to try out

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