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Default New Kit Sales!!!

My wife and I are finishing unpacking and setting up the kit stuff. It has been packed away while we moved.

I will be sending order forms to people who have sent me a private message or an e-mail. When things are ready to ship, I will collect money and mail them out.

Immediately I have about 8 Kenbaks, 8 Altair 680s, and about 10-11 Altair 8800s.

I'm not sure how many more 680s or Kenbak's I will make, if any. There hasn't been much demand for them.

I will make 20 more Altair 8800 kits as soon as the current kits sell.

Since the Altair 8800 kits are usually customized, it will take some time to pack those kits. (memory boards, serial boards, EPROM boards, etc)

If you haven't already expressed interest, then you can e-mail me at, reply to this message, or send me a private message.

I will start sending the e-mails out after I have the order form worked out.
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