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Default SD-RAM Project PCB

I'm back!

Think I'm done. Here's what I have so far:

First thing you might notice is everything is duplicated. Not so actually. There is room for two of everything, but actually different items.

CPLD: Xilinx XC95144 and Lattice ispLSI 2064
Why Lattice you ask? I got a deal on several hundred units. They will work for what we want, so let's use them! I'll still get code written for the Xilinx though.

Two Voltage Regulators (SOT23-5 - far left area) are for 3.3v and 2.5v. For CPLD and RAM.

The RAMs are Digi-Key PN: 557-1218-1-ND and 557-1176-1-ND. 128MB and 512MB. The code should be about the same, so I might as well have then write it for both. I also plan on selling these units as modules/kits for others to use as DRAM replacements, so it just makes sense (I think).

The SIPs are going to be Machine Pin Headers. We can then use Bell Wire to connect everything like a mini-breadboard.

So... thoughts? Ideas? Suggestions?

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