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Originally Posted by Grant Stockly View Post
The data sheet you sent me about soldering the VFBGA said to use solder paste.
Yeah, I was supposed to use Paste but wasn't going to waste it and my time for a simple test. I just cleaned the balls and copper well and just used a little flux. If that worked then using paste would be even better but may spread around when soldered. The real test was to see if I could even solder the middle balls, which I was able. So at least I know I can solder a small BGA. May come in handy for future projects. I still may build an oven though.

Originally Posted by Grant Stockly View Post
I think who ever builds the thing and sells it should get the money. All I want is my name on your website with a disclaimer that the Altair is .01x better than the Apple IIe.
I agree, Altair is .01x better than the Apple IIe but the text editor on my Site always rounds up. Also I am a little surprised that a PC that costs $3k on eBay is only .01x better. I would have assumed it should be at least .1x better. ;-)

Wow my last email as long! Everyone still thinking and counting?

Grant: What do you think about that CPLD I have on hand? Think it's going to be big enough for what we want to do now that you have a little experience with the software and fitting code in a CPLD?
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