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That would make me wonder too. How's that CCElectronx.Com place? I kind of remember them being pretty quick. Only a day or two.

A few of the places I had requested quote from were either super expensive, like $150 per PCB at 25 pieces, or never got back to me. When CCElectronx.Com got back to me AND had a cheap price I jumped on it and sent them some PCBs to see how they worked out.

I had them do a smaller PCB around 4" x 3". It was like $12 each I think. Had both SMT and Through Hole parts too. Most turned out okay. Some had a while film that I had to use a degreasor and a toothbrush to remove, but all in all they turned out okay. Saved me a lot of time. Of course these days I don't have much to do in the shop so I build everything I can. I know there will come a day that it's just not possible any more though and will have to send a lot of things out. So I hope they stick around!

Let me know if you find any other low volume places. Thanks!
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