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Default SDRAM Alternative

I mentioned to Henry before I was originally considering dong a CPLD/SDRAM combo. I had looked at the PSRAM chip but passed it by due to not reading the datasheet close enough.... I thought it was a 16 bit only datapath, was 1.8v and of course the whole microbga thing was not that atttractive due to the whole mounting/rouitng issue.

I think PSRAM is still simpler from a login implmentation point of view in the CPLD and would still be the best choice if the cost of making PCB's and mounting the chip can be brought under control.

... but SDram is still an option. The chips is aprox $5 for the 128Mbit version. There are several IP cores out there that would most likely work out pretty well with some mods. The chip is TSOP II which has a .8mm spacing. To get enough i/o we are stiill probably looking at a cs132 package though for the cpld or a PQ208 which then makes the DIP option kind of hard to do.

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