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bugman 07-21-2008 12:24 AM

Scelbi's Galaxy Game
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I discovered the existence of a book called "Scelbi's Galaxy Game for the 6800". This was back when software was distributed in book format that required it to be typed in. Of course, I was very interested in obtaining this book to use on my Altair 680b kit. The game is a knock off of the classic startrek types from that era. The problem was that very few of these books must have been published because I couldn't find it anywhere. I did locate it from an internet search at an Iowa University. So, I was able to set up an inter-library loan and get the book. I scanned it, typed it in, and assembled it. With some trouble shooting and debugging, it works! I am posting the paper tape file here for use on an altair 680. I also have the source file, and even the scanned book for anyone who is interested.

I ran it through most of the game and I havn't encountered any more bugs. However, it is likely that there are more. Please let me know if you find any more and I'd be glad to try and fix them.

One note to anyone who wants to assemble the source yourself....the assembler included with the 680b did not assemble the EORA instruction correctly. Is saves a value of $11 instead of the $98 required. No idea why, but just change it by hand before saving to paper tape. The location is $0519. My papertape file attached is already corrected.


bugman 04-09-2009 03:44 PM

Just as a followup, I came accross an old MIT newsletter than confirmed a table within the editor/assembler is wrong and it doesnt assemble the instruction correctly. You can correct it manually, then save.

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