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lovenewyawkcity 06-18-2010 06:33 PM

Altair 8800 VS 680
I am trying to decide between, the two kits. One side I am attracted the Altair 680 because you built, plug into a terminal and go.

On the other hand all the neat little boards you can play with are designed for the S-100 bus on the Altai 8800.

What are the advantages / disadvanages of the Altair 8800 VS 680?

marty 06-19-2010 01:52 PM

680 vs 8800
Hi All;
I perfer the 8800 because , there are more boards and software for it. Also, IF my memory is correct, the read that if a person is not carefull they can short out the whole thing, having to put in other memory boards on the 680.. also, you can only load serially , since as far as I know there are no disk drive systems for the 680... , But there are Various drives and software for the 8800... And of course I am more used to the 8080 than to the 6800 cpu's... So, I am Biased for the 8800, I would NOT get a 680, even If one was given to me...

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